Scientific Papers

      Guidelines for Submission of Papers

      Thematic Areas

      Area 1: Environmental Management
      Industrial and urban solid waste, treatment, final disposal, Environmental Planning, Environmental Licensing, Environmental Services, Environmental Law, Environmental Education, Environmental Performance Indicators.

      Area 2: Environmental Management Tools
      Life Cycle Assessment, Biomimetics, Ecoefficiency and Eco-Efficiency, Cleaner Production, Ecodesign, Circular Economics, Industrial Symbiosis.

      Area 3: Recycling
      Reverse Logistics, Composting, Nutrient Recycling, Internal and External Recycling, Materials and Energy Recovery.

      General Rules

      1. Before submitting a paper, the person responsible for it must be properly registered in the event.
      2. Papers will be submitted exclusively through the website of the event.
      3. The deadline for submission will be  April 30, 2020 until 8:00 PM (BRT).
      4. Each registration may send up to three (3) papers for appreciation.
      5. Papers will be selected for oral presentation or for display on posters. At the time of submission, the authors must indicate the preferred format.
      6. By submitting a paper, its author will be automatically authorizing the organization of the event to use it in printed or digital format, on the Internet, in its institutional communications vehicles and edited documents, or in any other means of communication.

      Elaboration of articles

      1. The article may contain a maximum of 10 (ten) pages, including figures and tables.
      2. The article should be structured in Word format (.doc or .docx), containing the following items: title (in Portuguese and English), abstract (in Portuguese and English), introduction, purpose, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements and references, following strictly the template provided. The template describes thoroughly the formatting to be used in the article. Articles with expressions such as "the results will be analyzed" will not be considered.
      3. Only one thematic area should be chosen for inclusion of the paper.
      4. Articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English will be accepted.  
      5. In the submitted file, no identification of authors and institutions should appear because the evaluation method is blind.
      About the approval of papers
      1. The notice of approval or need to review the papers will be sent by e-mail and will appear on the event page.

      About the publication of the papers in the FIRS Annals

      1. All papers selected for presentation at the International Solid Waste Forum, whether in the poster or oral format, will be published in the FIRS electronic Annals under ISSN number: 2527-1725.



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